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Launch of new HD Dispensing Technology for eye and face measurement

March 19, 2012

Irving, TX – PFO Global’s technology group announced today the launch of new HD Dispensing Technology for eye and face measurement, frame, contact lens try on, order management, benefit verification, and marketing support. This new generation of the SmartEyePix is being introduced as a desktop device that is easily adapted to individual practice needs. The new Measurement - Consulting – Management system , using SmartEyePix proven technology, also provides in-office patient education and communication.

“We are excited about introducing this new technology at International Vision Expo in New York. This outstanding technology offers eye care professionals a perfect complement to all of the systems out in the market. Through a unique two screen system practitioners have the ability to involve patients in the entire process. This new technology offers efficiency and cost effectiveness with a “high tech – high touch” patient impression. Said Rudolf Suter, CEO and President of PFO.
The system is available in three modules.

Module A

Frame Try On / Lifestyle Feature.
The patient is able to see themselves on the screen and compare up to four frames. They can then email the pictures to family and friends if they want help making a choice.

Lens Consulting
The SmartEyePix can be used by the optician to educate the patient on the advantages of the different lens materials that are available, such as thickness and weight difference with a specific prescription. It also demonstrates the difference between lens designs such as progressives, single vision, office, etc. Once the frame and lenses are chosen, SmartEyePix shows the patient the effect of antireflective, photochromic, tint or polarized lenses. It demonstrates visual and cosmetic benefits and the value to the patient’s lifestyle.

Contact Lens Consulting
Customers can view themselves in colored contact lenses and see the benefit of multifocal contact lenses without actually having to try them on. Up to eight images can be viewed on the screen at one time.

Module B

The unique facial recognition system of the SmartEyePix takes all necessary measurements for accurate fitting of the lenses, including Monocular near and distance PD, vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt, wrap angles, frame measurements A, B, ED and DBL from a single image without the need for the patient to be fitted with an awkward template.

Module C

Fulfillment Services
The SmartEyePix includes services for ordering frames, lenses, contact lenses and disposables such as eye drops and solutions in connection with a complete order management system. Orders placed through PFO’s SmartEyewear program will not incur a transaction fee. For managed vision care, SmartEyePix has a benefits verification and claim management tool that is HIPAA compliant. This module communicates with the PMS for accounting and Patient Service features .

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